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Products > Compressor Clutch > > Air Compressor Clutch 2B 220MM
Air Compressor Clutch 2B 220MM
Product name : Air Compressor Clutch 2B 220MM
Product No. : 2B 220MM
Material :  Steel
Size : 2B 220MM
Application : bock fk40,BITZER(4U.4T.4P.4NFCY) Compressor
Voltage : 24V
Whether standard parts : Standard
Condition : New
MOQ : 1 piece
Weight : 18 KG
Packing : 1 piece/carton
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Compressor Clutch  2B 220MM

1. Ac Compressor Brand:We can supply all kinds of compressor Clutch for Bock, Bitzer, Mando, Hispacold, Carrier And Thermoking....

2. Customized:The Pulley, Shaft Bush And Coil Size Can Be Customized According To Customers'Special Request.

3. Bus Brand:Yutong,Zhongtong,Kinglong and other brands from all over the world.

4. Structure:The clutch is suit for compressor. It is compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation and energy saving. At the same time, it is high quality at competitive price.

5. Market:This Clutch is perfect choice for bus ac compressor and it is widely use in Asia, America, Europe, Africa bus air conditioner system Content.

Compressor Clutch Technical Data

Model number 2B 220MM
Rated Voltage DC  24V
Application BOCK,(FKX-40)   BITZER (4U.4T.4P.4NFCY)
Consumed Power 60W
Static Friction Torque 240N.m
Operating Revolution 500-3500r.p.m
Max. Speed 4000r.p.m
Strap Wheel Diameter  (Groove Model) 2B 220MM

Clutch Model Table


Serial NO. Model No Voltage Power Pulley Groove Pulley Diameter Application
1 2B-160 12/24V <60W 2B 160 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
2 2B-190 12/24V <60W 2B 190 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
3 2B-200 12/24V <60W 2B 200 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
4 2B-210 12/24V <60W 2B 210 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
5 2B-220 12/24V <60W 2B 220 Bitzer (4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
6 3B-220 12/24V <60W 3B 220 Bitzer (4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
7 7PK-160 12/24V <60W 7PK 160 Bitzer (4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
8 10PK-180 12/24V <60W 10PK 180 Bitzer(6PFCY,6NFCY),Bock(FKX-50)
9 10PK-190 12/24V <60W 10PK 190 Bitzer(6PFCY,6NFCY),Bock(FKX-50)
10 2A2B-280/230 12/24V <60W 2A2B 280/230 Bitzer(6PFCY,6NFCY),Bock(FKX-50)
11 2A2B-280/190 12/24V <60W 2A2B 280/190 Bitzer(6PFCY,6NFCY),Bock(FKX-50)
12 2A2B-216/210 12/24V <60W 2B 216/210 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
13 2A2B-235/210 12/24V <60W 2A2B 235/210 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
14 2A2B-230/210 12/24V <60W 2A2B 235/210 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
15 2A2B-235/190 12/24V <60W 2A2B 235/190 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
16 4B-235/210 12/24V <60W 4B 235/210 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
17 2A2B-260/160 12/24V <60W 2A2B 260/160 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
18 2A2B-260/216 12/24V <60W 2A2B 260/216 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
19 2A2B-260/220 12/24V <60W 2A2B 260/220 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
20 2A2B-260/210 12/24V <60W 2A2B 260/210 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY),Bock(FKX-40)
21 2B-202 12/24V <60W 2B 202 Bitzer(F400Y)
22 2B-207 12/24V <60W 2B 207 Bitzer(F400Y)
23 2A2B-220/202 12/24V <60W 2A2B 220/202 Bitzer(F400Y)
24 3B-232/207 12/24V <60W 3B 232/207 Bitzer(F400Y)
25 220-2B 12/24V <60W 2B 220 Bitzer(F600Y)
26 2A2B-260/220 12/24V <60W 2A2B 260/220 Bitzer(F600Y)
27 2A2B-235/210 12/24V <60W 2A2B 235/210 Bitzer(4U-4NFCY)
28 1B-32C 12/24V <60W 1B OPTION DKS32,TM31
29 2B-32C 12/24V <60W 2B OPTION DKS32,TM31
30 2B-10P30C 12/24V <60W 2B OPTION 10P30C,10P30B
31 2O-10P30C 12/24V <60W 2O OPTION 10P30C,10P30B
32 2A2B -226/197 12/24V <60W 2A2B 226/197 Thermoking (X426,X430)
33 2A2B-260/210 12/24V <60W 2A2B 260/210 Hispacold Compressor/Spanish Compressor
34 1A9PK-270/190 12/24V <60W 1A9PK 270/190 Hispacold Compressor/Spanish Compressor
35 210/6pk-190/10pk 12/24V <60W 16PK 210/190 Hispacold Compressor /Spanish Compressor
36 2B-195 12/24V <60W 2B 195 Mando (MBA-51, MBA-55)
37 4B-230/210 12/24V <60W 4B 230/210 Mando (MBA-51, MBA-55)

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