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Evaporative fan
Evaporative fan Evaporative fan Evaporative fan Evaporative fan
Product name : Evaporative fan
Product No. : ZHF-281A2TS
Brand : OEM
Material : Plastic
Size : 350*136*140mm
Application : Bus air conditioner, air conditioning
Voltage : 24v/12v
Whether standard parts : standard
Condition : available
MOQ : 1set
Weight : 2kg
Packing : 1set/box
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Evaporative cooling fan for Bus Air Conditioner

Product Advantages

1.Waterproof, Dust proof, Shockproof
2.Good Performance, modern design
3.Installed convenient for varies of vehicles.
4.Longer life span, lower cost, higher quality
5.Guaranteed after-sales service

Evaporator fan ZHF-281A2TS Specification suitable for universal bus.

2.High efficiency, low noise and long life time.

3. Fast delivery and reasonable price.

4. The using life is more than 6000h.

5. Premium quality standard guaranteed.


Test Voltage 27V
Load Current ≤5A
Load Speed  ≥ 2400rpm
Load Current  ≤ 6A
Load Speed  ≥ 2700rpm
Load Current  ≤ 8A
Load Speed  ≥ 3200rpm 
Load Current  ≤ 12A 
Load Speed ≥3900 rpm
Static pressure 100 pa
Air Volume ≥1000 m3/h
Noise ≤75dB(A)
Vibration ≤3.5m/s2
Size 350*136*140mm
Suit For Model Universal Bus

Evaporator Fan Technical Data

Technique Specification
Static Pressure(mmH2O) Blowing
Airflow(m^3/h) Current Input(A)
0 3200 12
5 2900 12.3
10 2540 12.6
15 1900 12.9
20 1350 13
25 810 13.2
30 270



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