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Products > Drier Filter > > Filter Drier EK-304
Filter Drier EK-304
Filter Drier EK-304 Filter Drier EK-304 Filter Drier EK-304 Filter Drier EK-304
Product name : Filter Drier EK-304
Product No. : EK-304
Brand : EK
Material : Powder metallurgy
Size : 1/2
Application : Bus air cooling system
Voltage : 
Whether standard parts : standard
Condition : Passenger bus, City bus, Coach bus, School bus, Mini bus
MOQ : 1 piece
Weight : 
Packing : 1 Piece/box
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Filter Drier EK-304

The drier filter is used 100% 3A molecular sieve core,with strong drying capability to reduce the risk of hydrolyze acid reaction. It can be uesd with HFC(R134A, R404A, R410A,R407C),HCFC(R22),CFC(R507).

Product Parameter
Brand Name EK
Model Number EK-304
Color Blue
Material Powder metallurgy
Connector size 1/2"
Connector Type SAE/ODF
Liquid Capacity 4T R134a/7 1/2T R404a/4T R22
Dry Capacity 7 1/2LBS R134A/10LBS R22
Net Vol. 0.171lt
Vol. 5.78 oz
Pressure MWP 610PSIG/42 BAR
Temp range -40 to +160℉ /-40 to +70℃
Refrigerant HFC/HCFC/CFC

EK Serier Filter Driers Parameter

Hermetic Liquid Line Filter-Driers
Item NO.


(Size &Type)

Suggested System Tonnge
Refrigeration,Low Temp.  & Commercial Installations Air Conditioning
Field Replacement and Field Installations
R12/R134a R507/R404a R410A/R22/R407C R12/R134a R22/R407C/R410A
EK-303 3/8 SAE 4 5 3 4 6
EK-303S 3/8 ODF
EK-304 1/2 SAE 4 7 1/2 4 7 1/2 10
EK-304S 1/2 ODF
EK-305 5/8 SAE 7 1/2 10 5 10 15
EK-305S 5/8 ODF
EK-306S 3/4 ODF 7 1/2 10 5 18 24
EK-307S 7/8 ODF
EK-309S 1 1/8 ODF 7 1/2 15 5 20 26

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